Our affordable, easy-to-use at home test kit.

aclo test While it might be disturbing to think about it, you may be shocked to learn how many dust mites are living in your mattress and under your bed.

Help is on the way.  We offer the Aclotest Dust Mite Detection Kit to help you determine if you have a dust mite problem and Ecology Works Dust Mite & Flea Control products to remove the mites if they are present.  Re-testing lets you know that your dust mite prevention measures are working.

The Aclotest is an inexpensive single use kit that quickly & accurately determines the level of house dust mite infestation in your home.  The Aclotest Detection Kits contain no hazardous chemicals, is easy to use and presents results in an easy to read format.

Microscopic dust mites produce the most significant allergen in your home.  Feeding on shed human and pet skin, they breed and they live in rugs and carpeting, upholstered furniture and bedding.

Dust mite testing with aclotest In about 1 hour and with no special training, you can test to see how much dust mite allergen is present in your home at a fraction of the cost of send-away laboratory tests.  Everything you need is conveniently included in the kit. You simply collect a dust sample, conduct the test and read the result. It’s a good idea to retest after applying mite control measures.

Our dust mite kit is so simple to use that it provides you with an AT HOME method to test and monitor when you need to apply Dust Mite & Flea Control again.  Remember, you DO NOT have to send the Aclotest Dust Mite Detection Kit samples to a laboratory. You wait about an hour and you have the results in hand.

It’s an easy, 1, 2, 3 test:

1) Collect a dust sample . . . 2) Perform the test . . . 3) Read the results.

Each Aclotest Dust Mite Detection Kit contains everything you need: a reactive test strip, freeze-dried re-agent tube, distilled water, spoon and instructions.  Each kit performs one test.