Identify Allergens

Allergen test kits are designed to identify dust mite allergens in the carpet that may be the cause of asthma and allergies. These test kits quantify and identify allergen sources.

Allergen dust mite test kit are for people who want to –

  1. Find out what types of dust allergens are present in their carpet, furniture or ductwork of their home or office.
  2. Some one who has allergic reactions such as asthma, headaches, coughing, eye irritation, sneezing, lethargy, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, dizziness, resp.irritation, or tight chest and would like to find the cause.
  3. Is moving into a new home or apartment and needs to find out the indoor environmental conditions.
  4. Is a Homeowner, Real Estate Professional, Insurance Claim Adjuster, Industrial Hygienist, or HVAC Engineer.
  5. Identify and quantify dust mites allergens.
  6. Have comprehensive allergen report that is compared to industry guidelines.

Dust Mite Test Kit

Rapid Test

The Rapid dust mite test kit from indoor biotechnologies allows you to measure the amount of allergy causing dust mite material in your home. Dust mites are invisible, but this easy test will tell you in ten minutes whether there is a low, medium or high level of mite allergen in samples of carpet or bedding dust, allowing you to take corrective action. Kit contains everything needed to perform 2 tests: contact-free dust collector system, testing solution, 2 test cassettes with built-in color charts and complete, easy to follow instructions. This kit uses test reagents developed at the University of Virginia, and it is the most accurate allergen test kit available for home use.


Dust mites produce the most significant allergen in your home. They live in beds, carpet, sofas, even stuffed toys. Mite-T-Fast allows you to quickly check for the presence of dust mite allergen in furniture and carpets before and after applying anti-dust mite treatments. In only ten minutes you can see the semi-quantitative results of the simplest and easiest dust mite detection kit available. It checks the level of allergen from both the North American and the European house dust mite – the most common species in U.S. homes. It’s so easy to use – just rub suspected area for 60 seconds, apply solution and read the results after 10 minutes. No vacuuming, no mailing in your test and no costly lab fees.