Dust Mite Removal

A number of species of house dust mites have been found throughout the world. The most common one in the U.S. is the North American house dust mite and the European house dust mite are also problems.

House-dust mites are found most often in damp places that are also associated with fairly constant occupation by people or pets. In addition to being found in houses, these mites may be found in hospitals, hotels and motels. They are not common in retail stores or offices. Within buildings, these mites live in mattresses, pillows, overstuffed furniture and other places where humans rest. The human body constantly gives off moisture which keeps the mites’ habitat suitably damp. House-dust mites can also be found in rugs, cracks in the floor and other protected places. Cracks in a room over an unheated area are attractive, because the air in these cracks is usually relatively moist.

Silent Mite

Silent Mites is the UK Main Dealer for Hygienitech and one of the UK’s premiere mattress cleaning companies, with a large network of approved dealers covering the whole country.

They have a 3 step process that can be applied to help combat your dust mite removal and allergen problem. Silent Mite also offer:

  1. A free on site inspection and test for dust mites & allergens.
  2. Free consultation & advice specifically tailored to your Allergy.
  3. A free booklet with useful advice for “Combating Dust Mites”.

For a dealer in your area in the UK, freephone 0800 458 6794 or enquire online to see if you qualify for our special offer. Symptoms of dust mite allergies:

  • Asthma.
  • Eczema.
  • Rhinitis.
  • Itchy red eyes.
  • Itchy skin reactions.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Headaches.
  • Depression.

Steaming Dust Mites

A domestic steamer was used to treat carpets squares that were seeded with a known numbers of dust mites. The number of live mites was monitored for 4 months and in 8 test squares and 8 control squares. Measurement of mite populations and allergen levels were taken before and after steaming with a domestic steamer.

The outcome was there was no live mites found any where on the eight steam-treated carpet squares. The number of mites extracted from the squares rose from 11 on day 3 to 185 four months later. This shows that steamingis a very effective way on how to kill dust mites. More significant for allergy sufferers is the measurement of the allergen Der p1. There was no difference in the concentration of Der p1 in dust samples of untreated carpets, but in those which had been steam cleaned there was an average 87% fall in the concentration of Der p1.

“My House Is Killing Me!”

In the world that we cant see, the dust in a typical house is teeming with life. Carpet beetles, dust mites, silverfish and other creatures are born live their live and then die, starting a new generations every few months. Debris are dispersed into the air from these organisms can cause runny noses, itchy eyes, coughing, headaches and breathing difficulties. Some people, especially those made highly sensitive by allergies, suffer from devastating health problems and the worry that, as one such sufferer lamented, My house is killing me!